Development Centres

These are specifically designed to assess the current performance and future potential for an individual or group. Regardless of how many people are to be assessed they are always run in relatively small numbers (usually no more than eight people) to keep them manageable. Just like our training programmes they can be run during normal office hours or at weekends if that is the only way you can get all the delegates and assessors together at the same time. By the way, we don't charge any extra for weekend work before you start thinking there would be a huge fee increase!

Typically during development centres internal managers are involved as Assessors. If they have not performed the role before, it is strongly advised that they should receive training from us prior to going into the development centre to ensure that they are fully equipped to make it a success. They will be used as interviewers for structured interviews and exercise observers helping to gather the maximum amount of information about each individual in the optimum time.

The outcomes of a development centre that our clients normally want are:

  • A balanced understanding of each individual's strengths and development areas
  • A detailed individual development plan for each participant
  • A clearer career structure for each participant as they are clearer about their own career preferences
  • A balanced understanding of responsibilities and accountabilities for each of the key stakeholders - manager and direct report
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