Executive Search and Selection

Most of the activity involved in an effective Executive Search, or head hunting, is not mysterious in any way but it's surprising just how many Executive Search Consultancies shroud it in mystery. We don't over complicate it and don't over-charge either. We have been commissioned to complete search activity in the UK, Europe and beyond. With experienced researchers at our disposal we can quickly establish a search project and if required in several different languages.

Although some of our ways of working are commercially sensitive, most of what we do is just good old-fashioned hard work. Proactive recruitment is always hard work, so don't let other consultancies get away with doing very little. We rigorously evaluate the candidates against a detailed specification. Using competency based interviewing techniques we will be able to carefully position the candidate against the demands of the role making the short-list of candidates worthy of a selection decision.

We work hard on the other side of the fence during the project to initially attract candidates to your vacancy and to keep them enthusiastically engaged throughout the process. Candidates can be nervous and resistant at first but our down-to-earth approach, professionalism and honesty help keep high quality candidates engaged with the role until a formal decision is made.

A word of warning on Executive Search - about some of our competitors - if, when you talk to them, they start to talk about checking their candidate database as part of their approach they are not completing a legitimate Executive Search activity. They are in fact acting as a contingency consultancy, but 'dressing up' their service in order to gain the business and charge you an elevated fee that they hope not to have to earn.

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