Outplacement Programmes

At the point at which you are contemplating a severance for one or more of your directors, managers or staff, you should also consider what sort of proactive support you will make available for them in order to move smoothly on to the next step in their life. Good Outplacement Programmes will help achieve that aim.

One-to-one or group Outplacement Programmes are available and each programme can vary greatly between different organisations. There are two fundamental ways to structure what you deliver to your employees during severance programmes - either you can determine just exactly what you want to make available for them and agree a corresponding budget or you can specify an overall budget and agree what can be delivered within that budget.

For these particular needs we have the professional expertise and experience to build a successful Outplacement Programme. Building up from the basic programme to extended support is all possible. We can enhance any programme with psychometric evaluation of the individual's strengths and weaknesses; specialist counselling sessions for those more affected by their 'predicament'; and structured training and motivation sessions to lift the confidence of the affected individuals.

As time-served human resources and recruitment professionals we have had personal experience of running redundancy and other severance programmes for organisations at various levels and of a variety of scales of job losses.

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