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DBA HR Solutions - Your Generalist HR Consultancy

DBA HR Solutions offers a broad range of human resources support services thanks to our highly experienced internal consultants and our team of carefully selected associate consultants, all of whom are committed to excellent outcomes for our clients.

Like me, they have a few grey hairs, indicating the experience and maturity gained from many years at senior levels in the corporate world delivering positive HR results.

All of our internal and external HR consultants are Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Our consultants also remain enthusiastic about doing things differently when the circumstances demand it, and the current financial crisis certainly demands that things are done differently.

It may be fully outsourced recruitment, executive search or management development and leadership programmes that interest you. At DBA HR Solutions, we provide all these services and many more, so please explore our site for more information, or contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Cost Effective HR Services

Understandably, everyone is now seeking real value for their investments in human resources as they try to maximise their human capital whilst controlling or reducing costs. We have already helped our clients achieve lower costs without sacrificing the end result.

For many clients it’s not just about cost reduction, it’s also about demonstrating value for the services they receive. We maintain a very competitive fee structure and, because we build our proposals from the ground up, it means you will be charged only for what you genuinely value rather than for things you neither need nor want.

At DBA, the solutions we offer aim to be delivered as if we are an extension of your own organisation. When we work with you, we are you. We wish you well in your efforts to survive these times and hope to be able to work closely alongside you to help achieve the best outcomes for your organisation. Why not contact us to see how we do it?

Thank you for taking the time to read our web pages.

Derek Abram.

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