Management and Staff Development

As an experienced group of time-served and qualified development professionals, we can produce high quality development programmes to help in most areas of your business. This can be a one-off course for a small group of individuals to a large-scale multi-site leadership development programme lasting a number of months.

Starting with the taking of a comprehensive consultant brief, we would want to know the maximum we could about what you want to achieve as a result of your investment in your people. Although it may seem overkill to some people our experience clearly shows that thorough preparation is the difference between success and failure for these programmes. We don’t short cut it.

The four keys that define a successful individual are knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviours.

Far too many trainers focus almost entirely on the knowledge and skills elements. Our best work is done when we emphasise all four elements in their correct proportions. Sometimes giving someone raw knowledge is all they actually require (e.g. when they need to understand legal obligations). We can do that sort of training in certain areas. However, most training activity is aimed at improving an individual or team’s performance. For that you need to ensure that all the elements of effective performance are worked on, in the right proportion, and with results firmly in mind.

Our training and development programmes concentrate on helping an individual or team change what they do or say, and how they do it, in order to get better results. Of course we aim to give people the knowledge and skills they want, but we also give people the knowledge and skills to unlock new attitudes and behaviours, and in so doing, unlock new potential and new levels of achievement.

Depending upon what you are most keen to achieve, we can design a full programme of in-house development activities from concept to delivery. This can be in several linked areas such as leadership development. Alternatively this can be in just one key results area. In all circumstances we follow a full training cycle to include evaluation as far as we can. This ensures we meet a variety of quality standards in our approach including Investors in People.

No matter what you want us to satisfy we take it seriously whilst aiming to retain the fun necessary for effective learning to take place. As well as disciplined action planning we provide free follow-up support for learners for up to a month following the programme so that they have an easy way to check understanding with the Course Director should they need to.

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