Executive/Team Coaching

Sometimes an opportunity to take some time out of the workplace hustle and bustle provides real benefits in itself. If you can add to that some structured personal or team coaching, positive results can multiply rapidly. The areas that could benefit from coaching are as broad as the areas in which someone might want to achieve something – in other words they are almost endless.

Coaching as a process and relationship is focussed very clearly on the particular needs of the individual or group seeking improvement. The coach uses carefully selected tools and techniques to help the coachee achieve what they set out to achieve. It is NOT an opportunity for the coach to show how smart they are or how their results have been better than those of the coachee. It is always highly confidential.

The style of the coach can be very important to the relationship’s success. Our style has been described as “professional, relaxed and non-judgemental”. We seek to:

  • build confidence where it may be lacking
  • encourage results orientated action
  • ensure individual and team success where it previously struggled to appear

Even though you may believe that a coaching relationship is appropriate for you or one of your staff, we would want to check that we are mutually ideal candidates for each other. If we think that we cannot help you, we would want to be the first to say. Although that would mean us losing a potential client, it’s better to do that than to deprive you of the benefits of coaching with a more appropriate coach.

Whatever stage you are at regarding your thoughts on coaching, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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