Employment Law Advice for Employers

Love it, or more likely loath it, employment law continues to become more complicated for all employers today.

Membership of the EU, with the consequent raft of European legislation, only adds to the burden placed upon any employer. For the small to medium sized enterprise this burden can have much greater effects. However, help is available and probably more cost effectively than you first think.

As experienced HR professionals, we can help you with interpretation of the law as it applies to your people management problems. Through the full life-cycle of an employee we can help - recruitment, training, discipline, performance management and, if necessary, dismissal.

Starting with the very basics, we tailor-make contracts of employment for employees and workers (ask us why this distinction could be significant if you are not sure!) along with practical employment policies that will guide you in the day to day management of your personnel.

Knowing how to handle part-time, agency and casual worker issues - as well as sickness absence, performance and disciplinary matters - are important aspects of a business manager's daily routine. Add to that problems concerning working hours and holiday entitlement; redundancy; parental rights (maternity leave, rights to return to work and paternity leave); avoiding discrimination; TUPE transfers etc., and it becomes easy to see why managers can quickly become swamped by the law.

An area that has been arguably diminished in the recent past is dealing with trade unions. They may not be as powerful as before but they haven't gone away and we have significant experience of dealing with trade union matters and can help there too.

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